Burst My Bubble: 3 Uplifting Tips

My bubble got burst by several colleagues in one day, the old fashioned way. Snail mail. A postal pile-up. Bang, Bang, Bang. An entrepreneurial story goes something like this: work; work harder; burn out; take break; back to work; work harder than before; forgo break; work hardest; eat crumb cake; crash.

Familiar with those days? Aka #hitsheadondesk. Those days can go on for days. Collaboration collapses. Contract outbid. Sisyphus’s project is heavy as hell (it once was so dang fun!). In short, the sky won’t snow.

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Aforementioned crash ensues. Trip to the post office follows. Three parcel notifications.


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Just as the bubble seemed all-encompasing, isolating and not fun at all, three little pin pokes–tap, tap, KaBoom!

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For all those days, the ones you may have and I may have and folks you wouldn’t fathom having have, do us a collective solid: burst someone’s bubble and burst it good.

Bubble-bursting techniques include though not limited to:

–Emerge from your bubble to contact a colleague or friend you haven’t connected with in eons.
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–“Hello, what’s new, thinking of you” can bring unexpected joy to both sender and receiver.
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–Share your talent and resources as if your reserves are never-ending. They are.
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–Express gratitude as close to impact as possible. Don’t delay “Thank you.”
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Et tu, Brute? Are you a bubble burster? Make a splash in our comments.

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