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 Partnerships in concert with Urban Siren, LLC:

“My name is Ben King. I created the brand Armor Down. Urban Siren brought life to the brand by perfectly representing AD’s message with content and language.”

“It was an absolute joy working with Diane Ferraro, and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to create a powerful PR campaign. Diane works with clients to create campaigns that reflect both their message AND their values. She’s a go-getter and social media maven!”
~ Chelsea Roff, featured on Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s “The Human Factor” on CNN

“Urban Siren not only helped put our company on the map, but propelled it into the heart of the 21st century. After being open for less than a year, we have international attention. Never could a couple of Long Island woodworkers reached so far into the digital age.”
~ Jason Biondo, Owner, The Antique Lumber Company of Montauk, Inc.

“Responsibility for social media was not something I wanted to take on. Diane Ferraro has identified with and taken on that job so well for Give Back Yoga! Thank you!”
~ Rob Schware, Executive Director, Give Back Yoga Foundation and Contributor, The Huffington Post

“The Grand Opening of Fanny Cakes was approaching quickly when I realized it was imperative to get some exposure. But, how would I go about doing that? Immediately, Diane Ferraro and her company Urban Siren came to mind. I knew that I needed the expertise of a professional, someone who could take Fanny Cakes into the local media spotlight. And Urban Siren did just that! With just a week before our Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting, Urban Siren went to work developing a press release that went beyond my expectation, touching upon the heart and soul of Fanny Cakes. Then, that press release went to local media outlets that were a perfect match for my business. To my excitement, the opening was ‘tweeted’ and ultimately covered with an article written about the event and a follow-up several weeks later! The positive exposure Urban Siren gave Fanny Cakes provided the local community with an introduction to my store, its products and myself. Thank you for all you have done to put Fanny Cakes in the public eye. You have my warmest regards.”

~ Kristyn A. Weiser, Owner/Chef at Fanny Cakes

“Diane is a sincere pleasure to work with! Diane effectively assessed our organization’s needs and then went ‘above and beyond’ to effectively meet our needs and goals. Diane was/is an invaluable member of our team and we can’t wait to have her involved in future projects. Job very well done!”

~ Kimberly Allardyce, Founder, Caribbean Yoga Conference and Bella Luna Yoga



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