{#SirenChat} Transcript 4/15/2015

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The power of community is a beautiful thing. As the host of the weekly Twitter chat #SirenChat, I’m reminded how important it is to connect with people. Much of my time is spent behind a screen or desk or veil of perfection. How many times do I choose to roll out my A roll instead of my B roll with all the flubs and cringe-worthiness that real life delivers? 9 out of 10. Our last chat served as a catharsis (for moi, anyway).

Here’s a roundup of the topics we covered:

Q1: What big project are you working on? #SirenChat

Q2: What’s been the biggest hiccup getting ur new project off the ground? We’re here to support! #SirenChat

Q3: When’s the last time u had to have a sit down w/ a client + tie up miscommunication, project gone awry, etc. I’ll chime in! #SirenChat


Read the transcript I created using TweetReach, including how many folks we potentially reached and a recap of the chat. Teaser of the transcript is below.

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“If you’re going to hold someone to what they believe, make sure you accurately represent what they believe.” ~ Malcolm Gladwell
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.@urbansiren is obsessed w/ #leadership + so am I. That’s why I’m at the next #SirenChat 4/22 12-1 pm EST.

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I discovered an online Twitter community that loves discussing #leadership + #integrity. Join #SirenChat each Weds in April.

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