{#SirenChat} Transcript 4/29/2015

Photo courtesy of Death to the Stock Photo. Edits via Canva.

I thought I’d checked to see if #SirenChat would bump up against any big Twitter chats. Could have sworn I was in the clear. Until it became clear that #bufferchat takes place at the exact same time albeit different bat channel. Here’s what I learned from scheduling alongside the “competition.”

1. I’m not competing with Buffer (of course). I’m learning from this great community and value their resources, including their uber-popular Twitter chat.

2. I’m able to bounce back and forth between my own #SirenChat and #bufferchat while participating in both. Bonus track that simultaneously builds my community and others’  awareness about #SirenChat.

3. I’ve been exposed to more folks on Twitter and know who likes to participate in Twitter chats like #bufferchat simply by being on the network at the same time as these action-oriented and outgoing peeps.

Hosting #SirenChat at the same time as #bufferchat has helped me understand who my new potential tribe members might be. Birds who Tweet together….

Great to welcome David Sherry, co-founder of Death to the Stock Photo (a resource I use a lot) at #SirenChat:

Read the transcript I created using TweetReach, including how many folks we potentially reached and a recap of the chat. Teaser of the transcript is below.

 Here’s a roundup of the topics we covered:

Q1: When was the last time you faced fierce competition? Did you rise to the occasion or run?

Q2: What emotions come up when you’re faced with competition? Aggression? Insecurity? Curiosity?

Q3: Have you ever let competition, or the threat of competition, lead you to making a mistake?

Q4: In what gear do you thrive best? Cooperation or competition?


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“If you’re going to hold someone to what they believe, make sure you accurately represent what they believe.” ~ Malcolm Gladwell
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.@urbansiren is obsessed w/ #leadership + so am I. That’s why I’m at the next #SirenChat 5/6/15 12-1 pm EST.

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I discovered an online Twitter community that loves discussing #leadership + #integrity. Join #SirenChat each Weds 12-1 p.m. EST!

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{#SirenChat} Transcript 3/11/2015

Image template and edits by the grace of Canva.

So many thanks to the Sirens who participated in the inaugural #SirenChat! We had a hoot and tackled topics ranging from emotions that crop up when our decisions are challenged to leadership figures who inspire us. Regarding the former, I need to take a deep breath. Regarding the latter, I named Thich Nhat Hanh.

Read the full transcript I created using TweetReach, including how many folks we potentially reached and a full recap of the chat. Teaser of the transcript is below.

Transcript courtesy of TweetReach.

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Next #SirenChat: Wednesday, March 18 12-1 pm EST! All leaders welcome!
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I joined #SirenChat and liked it! See you for the next chat: Weds March 18 12-1 pm EST!
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Meet great, like-minded folks (like me!) at #SirenChat. Each Weds in March 12-1 pm EST.
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