{#SirenChat} Transcript 3/18/2015

So many thanks to the Sirens (of the female and male fatale variety) who participated in our second weekly #SirenChat for the month of March! March Madness? I’ll say. We had a marriage proposal and debate over whether size matters (when it comes to white boards, people. Get your mind out of the gutter). Here’s a roundup of the topics:

Q1: What was the last difficult decision you had to make (business or personal)? What was the outcome? Type A1 to reply. #SirenChat


Q2: When faced w/ a difficult decision, what tools do you use to stay centered? Mindfulness? Meditation? Reply w/ A2. #SirenChat


Q3: Have you read @Gladwell book #blink about rapid cognition? Share your snap judgement story. Reply A3. #SirenChat


Tools and resources shared including:

Ready for #SirenChat 12-1 pm EST today! I’m listening to @calm throughout the chat. #meditation #music


Jackpot: #leadership #training, emotional intelligence tools + more thanks to @businessballs #SirenChat

Read the transcript I created using TweetReach, including how many folks we potentially reached and a recap of the chat. Teaser of the transcript is below.

#SirenChat transcript snippet. Report via TweetReach

If you missed the chat but would like to keep the conversation going, add to the comments below or catch up with us on FacebookInstagram and Pinterest.

Next #SirenChat: Wednesday, March 25 12-1 pm EST! All leaders welcome!
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I joined #SirenChat and liked it! See you for the next chat: Weds March 25 12-1 pm EST!
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I’ve heard great things about #SirenChat + can’t wait to check it out: Weds March 25 12-1 pm EST.
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Meet great, like-minded folks (like me!) at #SirenChat. Each Weds in March 12-1 pm EST.
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