{#SirenChat} Transcript 4/8/2015

Photo courtesy of Elaine Sauer.

Each time I host #SirenChat, I’m reminded of the importance of connecting with people. People. Yes, people. Those moving, unpredictable organisms hidden behind screens. “Design Your Life” has been the theme of our weekly Twitter chat, and we’ve been talking about leadership, decision-making and mindfulness. And while I plan in advance the four questions I’ll pose during the hour-long chat, there’s always room for spontaneity.

Here’s a roundup of the topics we covered on #SirenChat today:

Q1: Last great book you read on #leadership and/or #organization? Answer with A1 at the beginning of your Tweet. Hashtag #SirenChat

Q2: Do you pull your team in for big decisions or brainstorm solo? Answer with A1 at the beginning of Tweet. Hashtag #SirenChat

Q3: Does changing your mind midstream feel flakey or adaptive to you? #SirenChat

Q4: Are we experiencing homophily in a major way on #SirenChat?


Tools and resources shared:

#SirenChat#organizing tool: currently using @WorkFlowy to stay on a straight line so I can serve my team. #leadership


Read the transcript I created using TweetReach, including how many folks we potentially reached and a recap of the chat. Teaser of the transcript is below.

“If you’re going to hold someone to what they believe, make sure you accurately represent what they believe.” ~ Malcolm Gladwell
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.@urbansiren is obsessed w/ #leadership + so am I. That’s why I’m at the next #SirenChat 4/15 12-1 pm EST.

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I discovered an online Twitter community that loves discussing #leadership + #integrity. Join #SirenChat each Weds in April.

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