{#SirenChat} Transcript 3/25/2015

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Reconnecting with my online community is a highlight of my #SirenChat series this month as we explore the theme “Design Your Life.” Sometimes we need to make decisions real-time and rely on mindfulness tools to stay centered and grounded while living the fast-paced existence of entrepreneurship. One of the reasons I started #SirenChat on Twitter is to provide an opportunity for business leaders and innovators to connect with like-minded professionals. I hope it’s been as rewarding for me as it has been for you!

Here’s a roundup of the topics we covered on #SirenChat today:

Q1: What mobile #mindfulness tools do you rely on/wish existed? Answer w/ A1 start of reply. #SirenChat


Q2: When was the last time u had to make a real-time decision w/ no prep time? The outcome? Reply w/ A2. #SirenChat


Q3: Do you rely more on emotional intelligence or rational thinking? Reply w/ A3. #SirenChat


Q4: As a leader, what do you value more: your instinct or feeback from your team when making decisions? Reply w/ A4. #SirenChat


Tools and resources shared:

Ready for #SirenChat today 12-1 pm EST. #mindfulness #app that I use via @Hivequest: http://www.techurself.com/urwell.html


Read the transcript I created using TweetReach, including how many folks we potentially reached and a recap of the chat. Teaser of the transcript is below.

If you missed the chat but would like to keep the conversation going, add to the comments below or catch up with us on FacebookInstagram and Pinterest.

Next #SirenChat: Wednesday, April 1 12-1 pm EST! All leaders welcome!
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I joined #SirenChat and liked it! See you for the next chat: Weds April 1 12-1 pm EST!

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I’ve heard great things about #SirenChat + can’t wait to check it out: Weds April 1 12-1 pm EST.
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Meet leadership-minded folks (like me!) at #SirenChat. Each Wednesday in April 12-1 pm EST.
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I’m not built for coffee. No matter the artsy bird sketch. It makes me feel like I need to go the hospital. #stilldrinkingit #leftoverincoffeepot #teahound #help


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