Infinity Ring


Lost but found: infinity ring. Photo app: YouCam Perfect

The case of the infinity ring. Had it on my finger during yesterday’s dog walk and didn’t realize I couldn’t remember its last whereabouts until later that evening. The sun had already set before I wondered: Could it have slipped off my finger during the walk? It’s so cold every bone feels like it’s shrinking, turning whiter and whiter into itself. Past the warmth of the marrow and out the back again.

This morning’s coffee conversations included: have you seen my ring? Counter challenges involved: did you check your gloves? Then this morning’s walk where I thought: Maybe it will turn up. And did. Right there, in a rather unlikely place, nowhere near the drama points of impact, in fact. Just a harmless bit where I remember thinking: Good, I am almost home.

“It’s so cold every bone feels like it’s shrinking, turning whiter and whiter into itself.”
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Clutch: Series of Soaring Toward Success (Or Not)

clutch1: (kluch) A tense, critical situation: came through in the clutch.

Our series “Clutch” tells of hard work paying off (or not) and methods used to reach goals.

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Compilation launches 2014.

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I’m not built for coffee. No matter the artsy bird sketch. It makes me feel like I need to go the hospital. #stilldrinkingit #leftoverincoffeepot #teahound #help


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